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Small but Pulmoll!

Pulmoll has been a tried and true throat pastille for over 70 years and one of the best known brands on the German market. Today, Pulmoll pastilles are known worldwide as the small soothing pastille for the stressed throat and voice. Pulmoll pastilles are the perfect size, so you can enjoy them while speaking or doing any other activity.

Pulmoll has made the good taste and high quality of its pastilles to its top priority. We use only raw materials that are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). During production no artificial colourings and mainly natural aromas are used. Since 2012, our sugar-free Pulmoll pastilles uses the sugar substitute Stevia*, which derived from nature. Fruit juice concentrate has also been added to all of the fruit flavours.

Pulmoll pastilles come in their trademark round tin packaging, which is not only attractive but also keeps the pastilles dry and clean. The catchy look and feel reflects our high quality products. The tin packaging not only makes a high-quality impression on the outside, but is also particularly environmentally friendly. The tin is 100%ยน recyclable, which allows an arbitrary re-use without quality-loss.

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